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May 17, 2013

I had to get my wisdom teeth removed. This was unfortunate for two main reasons: 1- I am now a “grown up” and have to pay for this ish on my own (fact: growing up not as fun as I had hoped), 2- I like to eat solid food. However, being the glass-is-half-full girl that I am (…right) I tried to find the silver lining — I would get a few days off of work and I would lose a few of those lbs that needed to go before bikini season. Turns out my optimism was wasted in this case- wisdom teeth can suck it.

The aching in my mouth wakes me up in the morning, I can’t eat with anything other than my front teeth (which is a real sight to behold…you’re a lucky man, Adam), Vicodin makes me nauseous (fail, I know), I talk like a ventriloquist, and my cheeks are just swollen enough to make me look real fat (see below).

If I’m not skinny by the end of this…



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