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The time I almost ruined #PancakeSunday

July 2, 2013

I don’t need to tell you how seriously I take Pancake Sunday… feelin’ like it’s pretty obvious Adam and I consider it to be a pretty damn big deal. That being said, we are trying to mix our pancake recipes up a bit (we all deserve a bit of variety, right?). My lovely sister, Liz Zabel Shaw, has been raving about this Sweet Potato Pancake Recipe for the last few weeks. “It’s delicious and healthy” (read: low calorie) she promised…so Adam and I finally gave in and tried it out. I can’t be sure what exactly went wrong during this process, but I am certain during some crucial step I went terribly off course. My mess never took on the consistency of pancakes, rather they were basically mashed yams formed into patties (yes I used yams instead of sweet potatoes, perhaps this was the major error). I even tried adding chocolate chips to the faux-pancakes to jazz them up a bit– this only made me mad at the end because I ended up wasting chocolate.

In an effort to preserve some of the sanctity of Pancake Sunday, Adam and I tossed the yamcakes and went with what we knew: pancakes made from flour. Liz had made us a homemade pancake mix for Christmas we had yet to try, and while I will admit we were both hesitant given her previous recommendation had gone so wrong, we were pleasantly surprised by the deliciousness of our pancakes. Redemption! I also choose to believe the ‘cakes were a tad healthier than usual since Mrs. Dietician concocted them in her own nutritious kitchen. Forks up, betches.




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