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Small city spaces: our kitchen

September 15, 2015

There’s no way around it: the storage situation in New York apartments sucks. Bad. Even when you have a unit with “decent space” (like us), there’s just simply never enough.

We’ve been steadily filling and updating our kitchen since we moved in, due in large part to all our wedding schwag (shout out to everyone who helped with that…we appreciate you). At this point our cabinets are basically filled to the brim, so we’d been keeping a lot of stuff on the counter, which was driving us both insane since we have so little counter space to begin with.

shelf-1 shelf-2We decided creating a storage solution that lifted some of our shiz off of the counters would make the kitchen feel bigger (this was actually my idea, for once). The only problem was the single piece of open space in the kitchen was the section of wall between our trash cans and pot rack. Ideal, no… yet potentially doable. But, to make any option work, it needed to be tall enough to clear the trash cans when they are open (translation: a little bit taller than counter height).

shelf-3Luckily, I just happened to marry a handy guy, and though it took about a month longer than I thought it would, he built exactly what we needed for the space (thanks, boo).


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