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Rum Punch and Sunburns.

June 16, 2016

If you didn’t hear, Adam and I have officially made it one year now (well, technically 1 year and 1 month at this point, but really who’s counting?). And because, as I have mentioned before, we’re always looking for an excuse to vacation, we decided to sneak away to Barbados for a long weekend to celebrate.victoria-adamThe trip from NYC to the island is pretty quick and relatively painless (around the same amount of time it takes to fly NY-LA), and by 3PM we were at our hotel, sitting on the beach. After some light day drinking, which was immediately followed by a power siesta, we showered and made it back down to the beach just in time to catch the sunset.sunsetSunday was our day of island activity, and I booked us a super touristy boat cruise despite my performance on our last boat excursion. And, it was awesome. The cruise started at 10AM with a few snorkeling adventures around the island. And, at 10AM, the bar also opened.boat-cruise-bwWe bopped around to a few different snorkeling and swimming spots, and anchored near a private beach for lunch and swimming. And more rum punch. And water noodles.rumAfter few more rum punches and a boat ride back to the dock we started back to our hotel (sober ride service, don’t worry!). “BUT WHY LET THE PARTY STOP NOW?” we thought, so we dropped our shiz off in our room and went back down to the beach. During this excursion two important things happened: 1. I lost my sunglasses (RIP), and 2. we didn’t reapply sunscreen. We did, however, order another round of rum punches we were too drunk to drink before deciding it was time to call it a day.beachAfter showering and taking another siesta we woke up in our bed, red, red, RED and pretty certain we were dying of sun poisoning. At which point Adam whispered to me, “just don’t touch me.” #thisismarriagebeach-laugh2The next day was our actual anniversary, and we had a lovely couples massage planned which we promptly cancelled because there was in fact NO TOUCHING for the remainder of the trip. So we sat under umbrellas, drank 0 rum punches, tried to stay submerged in the shady part of the pool, and still had the best damn time. Being married is aight.

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