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Riding Fast and Dirty

July 17, 2013

Little known fact: the Zabels are river rats. I use this term rather loosely, though, because anyone who dabbles in water sports knows there are two types of boaters: those with the coolest and most expensive boats, gear and toys… and those like us. The Zabels, on the other hand, have had the same boat since I was born (the boat is actually older than I am), our life vests are circa the mid-90s (straight vintage ish, yo), our activity of choice is water skiing (mostly because we never really learned to wakeboard), and we have the Banana Boat, aka The ‘Naner (no further explanation needed).

Growing up we spent our summers on the lake, more often than not with these hooligans. Then, we all got old. We went to college. And got jobs. And some of us got married. And we quit doing fun shit because we all became grown ups (#RealTalk life lesson: being a grown up sucks). Then, four months ago we had the idea to try to get both families + significant others back to the lake, and Riding Fast and Dirty, 2013 Laughlin Edition was born. Most. Epic. Idea. Ever. (#RealTalk2…why did we stop going in the first place?)

If you’ve never been to Laughlin then you should know it’s the rundown version of Las Vegas. It’s hotter than hell AT ALL TIMES (we’re talking a 105+ degree inferno) and only the classiest and most refined individuals frequent the casinos (mullet required). It’s perfect, in it’s own way, and rooms are only $25.00/night (holla at me for that).

We spent three days on Lake Mohave (spelled correctly), eating ourselves into food comas, baking in the sweltering heat, and abusing our bodies (still sore from the ‘Naner). And, in an all-time first, the Zabels had no automobile trouble, and the only glitch was when good ‘ole Greg Nicols ran out of gas…on the final boatride, on the final day.

When those three glorious days were over and we trekked back to civilization (and traffic), Adam and I finished our vacation with a massage and Thai Food. Pure bliss, I tell ya.

xx, Victoria




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  • Reply Greg July 18, 2013 at 3:56 PM

    Who is that hunk in the last picture?

  • Reply Maureen July 20, 2013 at 9:33 PM

    Nice rendition Victoria. Let’s get the next trip on the calendar!

    • Reply victoriazabel July 21, 2013 at 5:20 PM

      Lake Nacimiento is my vote… Kate’s dying for another weenie roast!

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