#RealTalk Pancake Sundays

#RealTalk, v4

August 2, 2013


1- Summer Fridays. I resent everyone who gets to enjoy them, and am angry I am not a part of that club.

2- Cats. Even if I love you, I’m judging you for having one. #sorryimnotsorry

3- Spilling on a white shirt. Fairly certain the color attracts falling condiments, drips from ice cream cones, coffee… (as I write this I realize the real problem might be that I spend too much time eating).

4- June gloom, turned July gloom, turned what the eff summer? Get it together, this is California.

5- Hi, it’s August 1st. Remember when that meant you actually spent the last 2 months enjoying summer? Then adulthood hit, and your life turned dark.

6- Remembering the days of overtime pay.

7- Needing to get your hair did, then not getting it colored because in another month so, it  will “look ombre.”

8- Instagram pictures of vacation. Betch, I’m at work while you drink a piña colada.

9- When people don’t wear shoes in public places. Just one word: why?

10- Pizza. Not because it’s bad, but because one slice is never enough.

And, in a Pancake Sundays first, some guest contributions:

11- When it’s time to wash the sheets and you ask your husband not to make the bed, and he responds with, “why do we need to wash the sheets?”

12- Men can drink a ½ case of beer and eat whatever they want and still fit into everything. Then, they ask you why you are so crabby when you’re already feeling a bit bloated and your fat jeans don’t make it up past your calves. I’m pissed because I ate the salad and fat free ice cream and you ate the pizza & beer, you shit.

(p.s. feel free to send me your #RealTalk, too!)

xx, Victoria

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