#RealTalk, V3

July 23, 2013


– Pancakes are at a minimum 6 WW points. That’s not taking into account chocolate chips, nuts and any other goodness you choose to add. Nutrition facts and weight-loss are seriously cramping my pancake [Sundays] style.

– Finishing off a glass bottle of wine makes me sleepy, not drunk. Caaaraaazaaay Saturday night snoozin’ by 10:30PM.

– Succumbing to Royal Baby Bonanza. Guilty as charged. #sorryimnotsorry.

Shamelessly checking my news feed for pictures of North West. RealTalk, there is definitely some shame in that.

– The name North West. I don’t feel like I need to justify this one.

– National Ice Cream Day is, by definition, only a single, sad day. On the bright side, National Tequila Day is on Wednesday. Almost an even trade.

– Instagram Video and video content as a whole (especially self-produced). Yes, you are as awkward on camera as you think you are.

And, in a Pancake Sundays and #RealTalk first, some images that don’t require captions…



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