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#RealTalk, V2

June 20, 2013

Some #RealTalk for your Wednesday evening; What’s with…?

1- Fellow novice chefs who feel the need to correct the pronunciation of foods, cooking methods, etc. You’re not better than me just because you can correctly pronounce pappardelle. (Yes, this is residual resentment from our cooking class).

2- Scanning my favorite blogs to find a “Links I love” or “How to Build an Outfit” post. Just sayin’, that’s not the content people are coming back for er’ day.

3- Kim Kardashian’s baby weighing in at less than 5 pounds…someone explain that one to me.

4- Mint keeps reminding me that I haven’t met my savings goal for the month. Yeah, I’m aware… shit’s been expensive, okay?

5- Editors who rush me off the phone. I’m busy too, betch…I just need 30 seconds.

6- Christmas is still 6+ months away. Ugly sweater party in July, anyone?

7- Realizing all gift-getting holidays are months away..that wish list is not going to buy itself. (#realrealtalk)

8- Tourists…taking up all the parking and getting to enjoy the sunshine while the rest of us work.

9- Adam has 20 vacation days right now. No further explanation needed.

10- Making dinner every. single. night. for both you AND your live-in-lover.

I’m here all week. xx, Victoria

p.s. Not everything is half-empty… there’s always Chance :).


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  • Reply Judy June 20, 2013 at 11:07 AM

    Wove that pup!!!! And you’d be surprised at the number of ugly Christmas sweater parties there are in July!!! πŸ™‚

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