Puppy sitting.

June 20, 2016

I ask Adam if we can get a dog (well, 2 dogs) every day, usually more than once. I know we’re not really in a place where getting pups makes sense, but if even for a second I thought Adam was caving you better believe we’d be out there finding our little Theo & Owen (not that we’ve named our unborn dogs or anything…).

Since Adam works for Bark & Co. he gets access to all the dogs all.day.long. His company also has affiliations with a few rescues in the city, and I’ve been asking Adam since November if we could foster a puppy. For a while he was adamantly against it, mostly because he said I couldn’t “handle” giving the dog away at the end. Obviously, I have no idea why he would have thought that.

In any event, after months of asking, Adam finally gave in and a few weeks later I picked up our first little foster pup, Dev (since re-named Harper).

dev1dev4Dev got adopted basically immediately after we picked him up (which was great), so we had him for 5 days in total. In those 5 days we learned: 1. we need a bigger home with a backyard before we get dogs, 2. puppies are a lot of work. A lot.Β  3. Though they sleep basically all day, puppies do not sleep at night, and, most importantly, 4. we are in no way ready to be parents. Not even a little bit. But, boy did I love him and his little puppy belly.


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