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Pancake Sundays in NYC

January 17, 2014

So blogging 3 times a week might have been a bit ambitious. Turns out, resolutions aren’t really my thing (fuck it, right?). In any event, a lot has happened over the last week. Well, technically only 1 major thing happened, but it ate up all our time, so it feels like it should count for more; our stuff from California finally showed up.

Adam coordinated the unloading at the apartment and last Friday I came home to a perfectly unpacked and decorated house clusterfuck. Now, if you know me you know I like order and routine and everything this move hasn’t been, so getting everything in New York was supposed to be thrilling. And, in some most ways it was. We have our own bed again, we can cook and make use of our kitchen and having all of our things make the apartment feel like a home. But, we also have disarray while we figure out what kind of additional furniture to buy, where we are going to put things, what we are going to get rid of and, #realtalk, dealing with that ish is not my strong suite. Thank God Adam and I are polar opposites (which, turns out, is why I fall more in love with him every day). Adam’s much better at going with the flow, and reminds me constantly (in a non-verbal, non-aggressive way) to let go of my need to be in control and just enjoy the ride.

So on Sunday we woke up, had our very first Pancake Sunday in our first New York home, and ate among boxes and disorder. And, it was a perfect morning, followed by a perfect day.


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