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Pancake Sundays Does Work

February 5, 2014

Generally, Adam and I like to ensure home decorating is as painful as possible. We  Adam insists on making everything, usually the plan changes halfway through (generally because it’s not working), and it takes forever to finish anything. When we moved to New York I made Adam promise our apartment would be done before my birthday (February 27, in case you were wondering…), preferably by Valentine’s Day (why I set this arbitrary holiday as a due date, I do not know). In a series of events that surprised the two of us more than anyone else, we actually finished most of our home to-dos. Yeah, there are a few minor elements that still need finishing, but all-in-all we killed it.

Because we like a challenge, we trekked into Brooklyn to buy lumber, metal and supplies from Lowe’s for our DIYs. Unfortunately, we underestimated what a bitch it would be to get anything back to the city without a car, though I was fairly convinced we could get on the subway without issue (thankfully, Adam pointed out this was, in fact, not accurate). UberX for the win. And, because we can’t not go to Home Depot every weekend (which, Adam pointed out, is quite different than Lowe’s), as soon as we got home we went back out because apparently we don’t have what we need in the boxes of tools and screws and shit strewn across our living room. #RealTalk Adam just likes going to Home Depot.

All that aside, I’m very impressed with our Adam’s skills this time around, especially my Ikea-hack bar cart, which I tapped out of and suggested scrapping after hours of work because I have no patience and get bored with all the planning and measuring home improvement involves. So thanks, lover, for making this one work.

Check back soon to see all our other kick ass projects. #pancakesundaysdoeswork



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