Pancake Sunday – 5.26.13

May 28, 2013

You guessed it- we have pancakes [nearly] every Sunday. I’m not entirely sure how it started, especially because pancakes are definitely not my favorite breakfast food, but somewhere in time about 1.5 years ago we started having them weekly and now it’s our weekend ritual.

Recently we vowed to try some new pancake recipes out. Really, what would Pancake Sundays be if we didn’t bring you some variety? Yesterday we did a little experimenting and basically decided we should open a pancake food truck and profit from our amazing cooking skills (don’t even think about stealing food truck my idea, aight?).

If you came here for a healthy recipe with nutrition information you are sadly not in luck. Below is basically what we used for our little culinary adventure, and I can certainly tell you these pancakes will absolutely make you fat if you eat them every day. But, they are worth a nice chunk of my bonus points once a week.

Bon appetit!

To make:

To start: Make your pancake batter however you like. We use Krusteaz pancake mix (the Costco bag…yeah we have that many pancakes) because there are two ingredients: mix and water. Easy enough.

Then, add: whatever you like to your pancakes. I added vanilla and cinnamon, then dropped some chocolate chips in each as they were cooking. Adam Buddy the Elf is a bit more of a purist, and stuck to chocolate only.

After that: cook your pancakes, careful not to burn them (I say this because I have burned many a pancake in my day).

Finally: prepare your ‘cakes for the feast. Now this is where the real fattie came out: we made cream cheese frosting to use in lieu of syrup, then drizzled some cherry preserves on top for a little extra somethin-somethin. Adam threw some bananas on, then we both cleaned our plates. De.lic.ious. : )

p.s. if you have any good pancake recipes send them my way!




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