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Livin’ Like Tourists

August 6, 2013

This might be hard to believe, judging by all the pancakes, food posts/pictures, references to calories and weight gain, and my general attitude toward health and nutrition, but Adam and I do actually exercise…(sometimes; definitely not as often as we should). I won’t tell you it’s enjoyable, or that we look forward to it, or that we even always feel that endorphin high after a good sweat sesh…because that would be a lie. Nonetheless, I do hit the elliptical at the gym during a Law and Order marathon a few times a week (not sure what Adam does during this time). Get at me Stabler and Benson.

When the urge strikes to get my fitness on, I prefer to do my exercising outdoors, mostly because I think it’s easier and less depressing. Hiking is my activity of choice, though it’s much less convenient in Los Angeles than it was in SLO. Everything in LA involves a car ride…which means traffic…which means hours in the car…which generally means loss of motivation. Driving also means using gas, which sucks because I am cheap and hate filling up my tank.

Anyway, Adam and I were inspired to hike yesterday. And, since we don’t plan to be in LA for much longer, we figured we should do some quintessential Angeleno tourist activities, mainly hiking to the Hollywood sign (we started our hike here). Not going to lie, I seriously underestimated (1) the duration of the hike, and (2) the difficulty of the straight vertical climb (or, I am just real out of shape– could go either way). In any event, I’d say the hike was worth it it, despite how sore my bum is today.

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