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May 2, 2016

Much to my husband’s dismay, I’m not good at blogging. I really want to be, but have a tough time staying on top of it, being creative, and, most importantly, not falling asleep on the couch after work. I am finding there’s a similar pattern with going dry (giving up the bottle…7 days is my longest accomplishment as of late), and sticking to a fitness plan. In my defense on the latter, I may (or may not – we shall see!) have injured my knee. It would appear that I am an out-of-shape, has-been soccer player who thinks she can still run the game like she did at 18 (plot twist: could I ever run the game? unclear).

IN ANY EVENT, 1.5 months have again come and gone without a post and I KNOW my 5 loyal readers have been dying for new content (shout out to you, mom). Alas, I am [again] trying to get on a more regular schedule of sharing my musings, adventures, profanity, and fairly average day-to-day with you. Shit’s exciting, I know.

In the 41 days since we last caught up, I/we (meaning Adam and I) have been pretty busy. We’ve done some cool stuff, like:

Hit up the Brooklyn Botanical Garden for the Cherry Blossom Festival. Except, these photos are illusions, meant to only make you THINK we saw the glorious-ness of the flowers in full-force. Turns out if you try to go a week or 2 early in order to miss the crowds (which is really never possible in this city), you also miss the peak season of bloom. They [the Garden] also will not give you back your $12 admission (per person!) because you fucked up on the dates. Lesson learned.


cheery-blossomsChristened wedding season 2016 with a lovely fiesta in sunny San Diego (congrats to Jake + Brittany!). I love weddings. And drinking a little too much and dancing my face off, then paying an exorbitant Uber fee to make a pit stop for In ‘N Out at 12AM. (Note: this is, in fact, the best photo of Adam and I (+Alex) from that night. You can’t tell, but trust me when I say, my dress slayed.)


flightInstigated a new weekend tradition which involves getting a snack, sitting in Madison Square Park and watching the pups in the dog park. You’re not technically allowed inside the gates if you don’t “own” a dog that’s playing inside (#dogdiscrimination), and since Adam is a tyrant and won’t let me get 2 puppies, I am forced to settle for a weekly dose of canine lovin’ from a distance.

empire-stateBasked in the glory of spring in New York. We’ve had a bizarre winter/spring so far, and there’s been a lot (I mean, a lot) of rainy days, so those that involve sunshine and sundresses are coveted.

boathouseEnjoyed the re-emergence of Mister Softee, who has officially made his summertime debut. Now begins the game of always making sure I have at least $6 in cash in my wallet (so Adam can have an ice cream, too, obviously…). Last weekend my husband, of all people, told me I didn’t need a Softee because I could “pass for Mrs. Softee right now.” Clearly, he’s not wrong, but on principle I got one anyway (and, so did he).



And that’s basically it. We head to Barbados in a few weeks to celebrate our 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY, which seems totally insane because I swear we JUST got married. Try to contain your excitement in waiting for those bathing suit pics.

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  • Reply Elizabeth Shaw May 2, 2016 at 9:33 AM

    I just LOL-‘d. You two would spend your weekend trying to get into a dog park… #priceless. Maybe Adam’s company should have a “rent a dog for a weekend” kind of program?!

  • Reply Marie May 2, 2016 at 11:06 AM

    Love these. Maybe your mom could fly Chance out to you. I want a Softie

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