New York


January 31, 2016

New York has had a tough time deciding what the eff season it is. The weather has been mostly mild this winter, and for a while we had given up hope we were ever going to get any snow. Then, Jonas came in a blaze (or blizzard) of glory. And we couldn’t have been happier.adam-victoria victoria2 adamThe storm dropped over 2 feet of snow, and the stormy conditions were pretty extreme (Adam insisted we go out in the blizzard, and it was not nearly as fun as I hoped it would be). But, as quickly as it rolled in the storm rolled out, and 24 hours later we were left with a perfect, clear, sunny day to enjoy the winter wonderland Jonas left in [his] wake. (Now, 7 days later, it’s in the 40s again…)

skyscapeIMG_0492 adam-victoria2 adam-jump

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