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Honeymooners: Athens

July 13, 2015

Because we like a challenge, Adam and I planned our California-based wedding from New York City while also planning our Grecian honeymoon. To say the last few weeks leading up to May 16 were stressful is 100% accurate.

Since we did so much east-west traveling in preparation for the wedding (holla if you know what a bitch that trip is) we opted to fly straight from LAX to Athens on May 17. It was a little insane going from the wedding, to our hotel, to a post-celebration family brunch, to the airport but we were both so ready to relax and start vacation we didn’t care one damn bit. Opa!

We flew LAX – Instanbul – Athens and when all was said and done didn’t check into our hotel until close to 9PM on Monday, May 18. Once we showered we headed to our hotel’s roof top bar and had a few drinks, then finally went to sleep. We loved where we stayed in Athens – it was central to everything we had planned and had a great roof deck with views of the Acropolis. Even better, breakfast was included (also served on the roof) and mounds of Nutella + croissants were free for the taking, obviously pleasing Adam to no end.

We spent most of Honeymoon Day 1 on a walking tour which took us to all the main city sights. Once we wrapped that, we had lunch then took a nice long siesta before heading to dinner. We only had 2 nights and 1 day in Athens so we really had to jam what we wanted to see in…and do our best to kick the jet lag quickly. That being said, when you’re honeymooning you don’t give a shit about much, so it was real easy to justify power naps, walking breaks and ice cream timeouts (which we did frequently).

Travel tip: If we could plan our trip again we would definitely plan for one more full day in Athens. Everyone we talked to said to get in and out as quickly as possible but we actually quite enjoyed the city and would have liked to have had another day to explore a bit on our own time.

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