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Happy Birthday, Lover

June 13, 2013

If you haven’t said Happy Birthday to Mr. Adam Wirdak, you best be getting to that. Being that today I have to travel instead of celebrate, I tried to redeem myself last weekend with a surprise party for my main squeeze. I thought planning a surprise party would be super fun and easy…turns out it’s not.

Surprise parties are very stressful…trying to plan and keep secrets and hide supplies and coordinate visits and lie about weekend activities is quite overwhelming. It’s also stressful to have your dad, who helped you plan this thing for the last month, tell you on the day of the party, “Most people don’t even like surprise parties.” Well… shit.

I think Adam had fun, and if he didn’t he lied and said he did, which is good enough for me. Happy birthday, lover…I hope your week of celebrations was perfect.


p.s. thanks to everyone who made it on Saturday!







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