September 4, 2013

You know those people that talk about their job, weight loss, exercise, their upcoming wedding and/or engagement so much you unsubscribe from their social media feeds? I am about to become that friend…and I am not even a little bit sorry about it.

Hi- my name’s Victoria, I got engaged to the love of my life on Friday and I am riding the wave of engaged bliss for as long as I can. #RealTalk, having a fiancé is magical.

For those of you who don’t give a shiz about the proposal (or love, for that matter) you best take off now because I am about to break the best day of my life down, in amazingly mushy detail.

I’ll preface this fairytale-like story with this bit of #RealTalk: the road to engagement was not always smooth sailing. There were many fights, looootttssss of tears, and more “deep talks” than I can count. About a month and a half ago, during our last blowout, Adam told me, “I know it doesn’t feel like it now, but one day we’ll look back on this and laugh because it will be so unimportant.” Though it’s actually physically painful for me to admit, Adam was right (see, fiancé, I can say it!).

Friday started like any other day…except I made Adam get up at 5:30am, go to the gym, weigh-in, finish packing for our SLO weekend getaway, then leave for work (or so I thought).

My office was supposed to let out at 1pm on Friday for the holiday weekend, and if you know anything about me, you know that I take my vacations very seriously. I was getting shit done because when 1pm hit I was planning on getting my relaxation on. At 11 my office line rang and my fiancé (then, boyfriend) was on the other end of the line. He told me he actually hadn’t been at work all week, and that I should look under my desk and get ready to start the next phase of our lives.

Under my desk I found a handmade card, detailing the first set of instructions for the day: pack my stuff and head home. Adam had coordinated ahead of time with my wonderful team of co-workers, and I headed out early to see what was next.


When I got home I was met by Adam’s best friend from high school, Andrew, who graciously agreed to play along for the day. He handed me another note from Adam, which told me to grab all my stuff for the weekend, have a snack (I get cranky when I am hungry), and take my time getting ready. When I was packed up, Andrew drove me to the next location.

I am pretty sure I talked non-stop for the next 45 minutes. I asked Andrew about work, traveling, his girlfriend, moving, long-term plans, college…you name it. Andrew was a good sport, though I’m sure he was probably absolutely ready to get rid of me when we arrived at our final location.

We pulled into Malibu Creek State Park and Andrew gave me one final note (“RELAX. I’ll be there when you open your eyes.”), then handed me a blindfold. Being blindfolded is completely disorienting, and though we drove for maybe 2 minutes longer, it felt like a lifetime. Once we [finally] parked Andrew helped me out of the car then walked me the short distance to my stopping point.

Moments later Adam told me I could open my eyes and take off the blindfold. I was standing in the middle of a beautiful park, waiting in front of a white curtain. When I pulled it back there was a 60′ walkway, decorated with handmade flags and lined with photos of Adam and I. At the very end stood Adam.


About halfway down the aisle I had a moment of realization… “holy shit- this is really happening.” Then, the tears came. When I finally made it to my [now] fiancé, he took both my hands, said beautiful, wonderful things, then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Obviously, between the tears and laughing I said yes (c’mon…have you seen my ring?!). Talk about waterworks…




Then we headed up to SLO, which felt completely right and fitting considering the occasion. In a final act of romance and magic, Adam arranged for the most perfect little cottage for the night, complete with rose petals on the floor, champagne in the fridge, and a claw foot tub. True life: I am marrying this guy.



So now we’re engaged, and it still doesn’t feel real. When I look down at my left hand I feel like I am going to have to give my ring back, and I can’t believe it – or he- is mine forever.

There it is. And now we get to enjoy a nice, long engagement. Plenty of time for me to annoy everyone with fiancé-talk : ).

xx, Victoria

Hey Adam, if you read this (which I know you will) – I love you. I can’t wait to spend our lives together.

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