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East Coat Food Fest: Vermont

October 16, 2013

Adam and I are recovering from our east coast food fest/peak foliage fall extravaganza. It’s taken about 24 hours, but I am finally coming out of my food coma. #RealTalk I am surprised my clothes still fit.

We planned our trip with the goal of seeing the seasons change (we are mid-20s going on 65). While peak foliage (yes, this is a thing) is truly magical- food is the real way to my heart. Lucky for me, it just so happens that Vermont and Maine are prime places to overindulge and pack on lbs. Because I am a food opportunist, and because I am marrying a diet-saboteur, I jumped at the chance to eat with reckless abandon. In Vermont, this is [some of] #whatweate…(#whatweate in Maine to come later!)


apple cider, from a cider mill of course


apple cider donuts, also from a cider mill


ice cream cones, from the Ben and Jerry’s flagship


there was a lot of Ben and Jerry’s


laaabstah mac n cheese


homemade berry pie, from the side of the road (literally)

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