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Doin’ Work, Part 2

February 9, 2014

Aside from being on a budget, Adam and I are also trying to make use of the things we carted 2,700+ miles across the US. Each item we brought has an associated $ amount, and since we’re caught in that weird not-just-out-of-college/not-quite-making-it-big phase, we can’t really afford to purchase the furniture pieces we love. #RealTalk, even if we had the money, I’m pretty confident we wouldn’t pay $1,000+ for some of the ish people are peddlin’.

Thus, another project was conceptualized and, shockingly enough, executed. Well, technically two projects. Adam has had these utility storage shelves since he graduated from college. They were a desk in his first studio, not used in The Treehouse, and a work bench in our last place. Because we had to forgo the second bedroom/office in the city, we had piles of what-would-be shelves laying around the apartment for the first few weeks. Since you know I don’t do well with disarray, we were either going to use them or trash them.

After a weekend at the Brooklyn Flea, finding cool pieces then being outraged at the prices, we talked about how we could use what we already had to make some furniture for the apartment. #RealTalk- this was actually my idea, and because I can’t actually take any credit for building or finishing the furniture, I sure as hell am going to take it now. Turns out, those utility shelves had purpose after all.

On our recent Lowe’s trip we grabbed wood, supplies to make stain and, of course, more screws. There was a lot of measuring, hand sawing, metal cutting (thank God for the 24 hour hardware store a few blocks from us), and assembly, but when we were done we had both a living room console and a desk for the bedroom. We stained both tables with tea (yes, Lipton tea) and a steel wool/apple cider vinegar mixture, then Adam sanded and sealed the wood. In the end, they had the industrial look we were going for, and we spent less than $250 to finish both. We’re in the home stretch now, and with just a few more purchases and [small] projects, we’ll be done and settled in New York. What are we going to do with our free time then…




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