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Bali – Jimbaran

February 5, 2018

Our stop in Jimbaran was the most pleasant surprise of our trip to Bali, mainly because we both had fairly low expectations for it. We decided on the location because we wanted to be close the Uluwatu and some of the “surfing beaches” famous to the island, but were to cheap to shell out the dollars to stay somewhere fancy actually in Uluwatu, and Jimbaran seemed close enough to allow us pretty easy access to all that we wanted to see (I’m not ashamed to admit I am pretty crazy when it comes to hotels/where I’ll stay when we travel + that leaves a limited amount of hotels within budget).

Instead of hiring a car to get us from Seminyak to our hotel, we used Uber, which was about 10x cheaper and pretty painless. Turns out I [again] said we were honeymooning when I booked our reservation (we stayed here), so upon check-in we were greeted with champagne and “honeymoon cake” (both of which were delicious). Our hotel had a small beach club (restaurant, loungers, bar) within walking distance, so after we got settled (+ got a little buzzed) we spent the afternoon down by the water.

The beach in Jimbaran is famous for their seafood stalls on the sand, which get setup right around sunset, and once we were done swimming/sunbathing that afternoon, we walked over and had dinner at Menega Cafe (s/o to Allie at webeJUNGin for the tip!). I am not a huge seafood eater, but the entire experience felt special and I’d recommend anyone visiting try to make it for dinner at least once.

The next day we rented a scooter and popped around to a few of the famous surfing beaches in the area (Pedang Pedang and Dreamland), which we’re lovely, but something I would leave out if we were doing it again because it was cumbersome to get there, and other beaches we had visited were just as nice, if not nicer.

That evening we went to Uluwatu Temple to see the Kecak Fire Dance, and I wish we’d allocated more time to this stop. We got there in the late afternoon, as they were beginning admittance for the dance (it gets really crowded, so plan accordingly), and in order to get a seat we had to forgo some exploring of the temple itself (if I were going back I’d take time from Pedang Pedang/Dreamland, and put it towards more time at Uluwatu). I won’t try to paraphrase the meaning and significance of the dance (you can read about it here though!), but it’s impressive and beautiful, and, if you can swing it, I would recommend making the time to see if while you’re in Bali. Also, it’s hot AF so make sure you’re prepared to literally sweat out your body weight while you wait for the show to start.

On our last day in Jimbaran we trekked to Sundays Beach Club on the Bukit Peninsula and bought day passes (about $23/per person), which granted us access to the beach, towels, chairs/umbrellas, snorkeling gear, paddleboards and more for the entire day. I cannot recommend this enough! The beach is stunning and tranquil, the water is ideal for swimming, and the amenities make the experience feel luxe without making you feel guilty for breaking the bank. We arrived around 10:30AM and stayed until around 5, and honestly would have stayed longer if we didn’t have to drive all the way back to our hotel afterwards. (BUT, we were also there in off-peak season, and I’d assume it’s a bit more of a scene over the summer).

Then, the next day we woke up really early and took a boat to Lombok for the final stretch of our vacation (more to come on that!).


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