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September 26, 2015

Since today is National Pancake Day, and Adam and I never miss an excuse to eat pancakes, we’re celebrating big time (with Funfetti pancakes, ‘coz we’re crazy).Β  In case you’re in need of a little pancake inspiration to get your breakfast/lunch/dinner moving, here are a few other recipes we debated trying this morning (and might try later today). Happy eating!

1. Funfetti Pancakes (the winner!) – via Sally’s Baking Addiction

2. Peanut Butter Cup Pancakes – via Minimalist Baker

3. S’mores Pancakes – via Pastry Affair

4. Fruity Pebble Pancakes – via i am a food blog

5. Fluffy Ricotta Pancakes – via the kitchn

6. Strawberry Lemon Poppyseed Pancakes – via Creme de la Crumb

And if you want to dress up your buttermilk pancakes – check out Simple Swaps for a delicious peach “gravy” topping!

Food and Drink New York Pancake Sundays Wedding

Life lately.

It’s been a little hectic in the Zabel-Wirdak household for the last few weeks. My sister and brother-in-law visited for a few days (which was awesome), we planned our honeymoon [almost] + finalized our travel plans for Christmas (get at me, California), and (dun…

November 17, 2014
Food and Drink Miscellaneous New York

Easter in the city

Well, we did our first holiday alone in the city. Like real grown ups. It’s still kind of surreal not having our families around on days like Easter, but there’s also something comforting about making our own traditions as a unit (sappy, I know).…

April 21, 2014
#RealTalk Food and Drink New York Pancake Sundays

Back at it.

Turns out, when you’re a self-proclaimed [amateur] foodie and you move to a city with literally thousands of amazing restaurants, you eat out. A lot. More than ever before. And, you also take up “drinks after work,” which inevitably turns into appetizers, dinner, a…

March 31, 2014
Food and Drink New York

#WhatWeAte – New York City

It’s no secret- I like to eat. It’s not a simple matter of a sweet tooth, or really liking savory treats … Adam and I are in to food. Period. Sometimes we use a holiday as an excuse, usually we’re rewarding ourselves over something…

February 20, 2014
#RealTalk Food and Drink Miscellaneous

[Juice] Cleansed

Unfortunately, I am not one of those super healthy chicks who prefers kale and quinoa to fettuccine Alfredo and ice cream. In an effort to get back on track this year and kick start some sort of “health” routine, I opted to try a…

January 26, 2014