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DIY and Projects

Small city spaces: our kitchen

September 15, 2015

There’s no way around it: the storage situation in New York apartments sucks. Bad. Even when you have a unit with “decent space” (like us), there’s just simply never enough.

We’ve been steadily filling and updating our kitchen since we moved in, due in large part to all our wedding schwag (shout out to everyone who helped with that…we appreciate you). At this point our cabinets are basically filled to the brim, so we’d been keeping a lot of stuff on the counter, which was driving us both insane since we have so little counter space to begin with.

shelf-1 shelf-2We decided creating a storage solution that lifted some of our shiz off of the counters would make the kitchen feel bigger (this was actually my idea, for once). The only problem was the single piece of open space in the kitchen was the section of wall between our trash cans and pot rack. Ideal, no… yet potentially doable. But, to make any option work, it needed to be tall enough to clear the trash cans when they are open (translation: a little bit taller than counter height).

shelf-3Luckily, I just happened to marry a handy guy, and though it took about a month longer than I thought it would, he built exactly what we needed for the space (thanks, boo).


DIY and Projects

Bedroom Update

One of my biggest complaints about our current apartment is that I don’t think our bedroom feels grown up. This is partly because we have very little space, our bedroom doubles as an office and our closet isn’t exactly big enough to contain all…

August 11, 2015
DIY and Projects

10 months and counting.

Since we’ve been engaged for nearly a full year, and by the time we actually get married it will be a solid 20 months, we’ve had the luxury of taking our time planning the wedding. Some things- like the venue- had to happen before…

July 20, 2014
DIY and Projects Relationship

Bedroom renovations – part 1

We’ve been busy here in our little apartment- trying to finish projects then thinking of new ones before anything is 100% finished. Adam and I view decorating in two very different ways, which makes it nearly impossible to (1) agree on anything, and (2)…

July 7, 2014
DIY and Projects New York

Doin’ Work, Part 2

Aside from being on a budget, Adam and I are also trying to make use of the things we carted 2,700+ miles across the US. Each item we brought has an associated $ amount, and since we’re caught in that weird not-just-out-of-college/not-quite-making-it-big phase, we…

February 9, 2014
DIY and Projects New York

Pancake Sundays Does Work

Generally, Adam and I like to ensure home decorating is as painful as possible. WeΒ  Adam insists on making everything, usually the plan changes halfway through (generally because it’s not working), and it takes forever to finish anything. When we moved to New York…

February 5, 2014