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March 3, 2014

Though I have literally nothing to compare it to, this winter has been long. We’ve gotten snow what feels like every 10 days, and it’s been the kind of cold that bites through your clothes as soon as you step outside. At first, it was fun and new. Having never experienced real seasons, winter was a kind of introduction to what life on the east coast is about and we were into it. Well, now it’s March, and I’m ready to ditch the Bean Boots and coats. As much as I am loving our new home, there are some things, in addition to the weather, I sure miss about California.

  1. Having a car. Trips to Costco, Home Depot, Trader Joe’s take on an entirely new meaning when you’re walking everything home or trying to maneuver onto the subway.
  2. In that vein, driving. I loved having a car and the freedom to go wherever, whenever. Public transportation in the city is amazing and efficient, but when it’s all you have, it’s limiting, too.
  3. Seat covers in public restrooms. Apparently, no one in New York believes in seat covers. No. One.
  4. Saving money. Aside from the insane rent cost in the city, Manhattan is a culture of going out, eating at restaurants, and the never-ending after-work-drink. While I am more than happy to partake, my wallet is not.
  5. Having family close by. It’s fun and exciting making a home with Adam – sort of like it’s us-against-the-world and we’re doing it on our own. That being said, we still miss our family.




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  • Reply eshaw8412 March 3, 2014 at 3:26 PM

    We miss you too! Love you guys and very proud of you both!

  • Reply Scott Ender March 3, 2014 at 4:18 PM

    Keep the ching up. Keep crushing it….EAST COAST STYLE. You’re a pimp and a playa and you’re number ONE!

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