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Bushkill Falls. And hiking.

October 19, 2015

In the Zabel-Wirdak household, we live for our weekends. And fall. And getaways. So we combined the lot of them and spent the weekend in Pennsylvania, seeing the changing leaves, drinking mulled wine, eating apple cider donuts, and being otherwise basic. It was magical.

One of the only things I absolutely wanted to do over the weekend was go for a hike. As surprising as it might be, I like my hikes to feel like bonafide exercise. Sore muscles, covered in sweat, maybe even a little hangry…that’s my happy place. So, when my husband said he found us a great hike, I pulled up my hair and put on my yoga pants for a day of adventuring.

Now, if you don’t know me, there is something I should tell you: sometimes my husband does things, generally unintentionally, that make me totally, completely, 100% irrationally angry. Seeing stars, push you in the river, get out of my car and walk, mad. Usually I recognize my crazy after the wild tornado has swept through and I have to apologize and tell Adam I was wrong. Which I hate more than anything (#realtalk). Anyway, I tell you this so you’ll understand…Saturday was one such day.

hike-13 hike-9I should have known we weren’t really going on a hike when I saw advertisements for Bushkill Falls on the side of the road. Lesson learned: hikes don’t advertise, but tourist stops do. In any event, we got out of the car, grabbed our backpack like a couple of newbs, and got in line. Second lesson: hikes don’t have lines and, more importantly, don’t charge admission. Once we filtered through the entrance and I saw elderly women with canes walking up the steps I really knew I’d been duped.

My irritation, albeit unreasonable, was twofold. One: I never want to exercise, and I had psyched myself up for a day of activity, so dammit I was going to get it. And two: if we were only going for a nature walk then WHY DID I PULL MY HAIR UP AND WHY WASN’T I WEARING MY BANGIN’ FALL OUTFIT?! (again, #realtalk). All that aside, Bushkill Falls is pretty unbelievable and picturesque. And, I guess the paved Swiss Family Robinson-esque walkway was a nice bonus.

hike-10hike-6Before we left we popped into the gift shop and asked for recommendations for nearby hikes that were a little bit more strenuous. We were directed to PEEC, where I got my exercise wish.

hike-2hike-5hike-7hike-12hike-1 hike-14

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  • Reply Liz October 19, 2015 at 10:21 PM

    Love this! Looks like a beautiful weekend, glad Adam is still alive to talk about it!

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