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Breakneck Ridge

October 13, 2014

Because Adam and I are, as my mom likes to say, ‘old souls’ we’ve been pretty jazzed about the idea of getting out of the city to see the changing leaves. We talked about it all week and decided we’d make the hour or so trek this past weekend to Breakneck Ridge. Metro North has a stop right at the trail head on weekends, and we planned to get up on Sunday to catch the 8:43am train…

Ever have one of those days when you wake up totally irrational? No?…Just me? Sunday was one of those days, and it didn’t matter what Adam said because I wasn’t having any part of it. Reluctantly I got up, got dressed, left the apartment (with the caveat that we were stopping for coffee before we got on the train) and trudged into Grand Central. Sitting on the train as it pulled out of the station Adam said to me, “C’mon…don’t you think this will be fun?” One word answer from me: “No.” Adam is a lucky guy.

Somewhere on the train ride I changed my mind and decided I was actually excited for our outing, which meant I also had to apologize to Adam and admit I was acting crazy (which I hate having to do). By the time we started the hike we were back to normal, which was good because the hike almost killed me and I don’t want to go out on a low note. The first bit is actually vertical. As in, actually straight up and down. Since our fitness regime has been less than stellar recently, we struggled to get up that mountain and my tush is really feeling it today. BUTT (see what I did there?) alas, we managed to make it to the top and, of course, it was worth it.






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