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Bedroom renovations – part 1

July 7, 2014

We’ve been busy here in our little apartment- trying to finish projects then thinking of new ones before anything is 100% finished. Adam and I view decorating in two very different ways, which makes it nearly impossible to (1) agree on anything, and (2) finish anything. Adam likes to think, over-think, then think some more whenever we take on a project. We measure, tape, sample paint colors, level, then re-measure all before we even start on something. Generally, this means somewhere along the way a “better” idea comes to mind, and we start all over again. Adam loves this madness and it makes me insane, which makes for a hell of a time in any home improvement store during project time.

Our bedroom has been one such never-ending project. About two months ago we decided it was time to start moving our bedroom in a more “adult” direction (basically, it needed to be sexed up a bit). We already made our desk (something we actually both love) and figured it was about time to change up everything else, too. On the agenda: dresser, shelving unit, art, headboard. Since we actually want to make it down the aisle, we decided to save our relationship and tackle the room in waves, starting with the dresser.

We previously had one large dresser (which was nearly 30 years old/was part of my parents’ newlywed waterbed set = #vintage) which Adam hated, mostly because I owned basically all the drawer space. So, we sold it on Craigslist (an experience in itself) and bought two of these dressers from Ikea. We spent 4 hours assembling them and after a drawn out discussion/battle over paint colors, we were finally in business. We got really fancy and grabbed a few mirrors from Home Goods (which also meant we had to ride the subway, transfer twice and walk 10 blocks with them), painted them to match, then spent 2 hours hanging them perfectly spaced and aligned on the wall (because everyone coming into our rooms cares about that). All in all, we impressed ourselves (again) and are pretty much ready to quit our day jobs to go into business together…



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    Love these!!! So jealous!

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