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July 8, 2016

DCX MMXVI from Victoria Zabel-Wirdak on Vimeo.

A few weeks ago, my girlfriend and I decided to meet for drinks one Friday afternoon to catch up since we hadn’t seen one another in a bit. I got my hair cut, so was looking pretty fly, which is only important because I think perhaps that’s why I ordered so many margaritas (okay, that’s not true, I generally order that many margaritas).

As the drinks flowed, we resurrected a conversation we started over a year ago about the Dixie Chicks and what die hard fans we are. Last year, on a business road trip from Seattle to Portland, we rediscovered the “Taking the Long Way Around” album and haven’t been the same since. IN ANY EVENT, the Chicks are on tour (MMXVI), and we’ve been talking about when/if we could make one of the concert dates work.

Well, sitting at a bar on a Friday evening we decided to figure it out, and a pack of premium floor seats and festive “DCX” tank tops later we were set for a concert 5 days away… in a town 50 miles from Manhattan (“we’ll just Uber” we said).

FullSizeRender 4

When I woke up Saturday some initial panic set in about getting work off, figuring out how we were getting to the concert (turns out Uber was not the most cost effective), and explaining a pretty large charge to Adam. But once that settled, it was awesome. And the concert? Easily the best money, sober or not, I’ve spent in a long time. Go. Just do it.

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