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February 21, 2016

When we moved to New York we had lofty hopes of exploring all the major cities that are close to Manhattan. In California you can drive for days and still be in the same state, but on the east coast you can cross multiple borders in just a few hours. In any event, like a lot of things we talk about doing (e.g. exercising, eating healthy…), we didn’t do a whole lot of it.

Thus, for the long Valentine’s Day weekend we decided to knock one off our ever-growing list and made our way to Philadelphia. Getting there on the train was super convenient, and aside from the freezing/negative temperatures that weekend, the city is charming and quite walkable.

Two important things were learned on our trip: 1. the Constitution is actually in D.C. (at the National Archives Building, to be exact), and 2. we [obviously] need to take an American history refresher class. Oh, and we have way less photos from this trip than usual because Adam is a budding videographer these days (…), and I dropped the camera and broke the lens.

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