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August 2015

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Celebrations and Puerto Rico

August 21, 2015

Adam and I are always looking for an excuse to celebrate. We celebrate weekends with ice cream cones, good news at work with a coveted treat (I’m looking at you, LV Neverfull…), monthly anniversaries with dinner out. So when I got a new job we figured we might as well celebrate with a quick trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico. And it was awesome.

It takes less than 4 hours flying to Puerto Rico from NYC AND it’s US territory, so the whole process is pretty painless. We took off at 8:00AM, and once we landed our hotel was just about 20 minutes from the airport, meaning we were settled in and having our first cocktail at the pool by lunchtime. We spent 3 nights on the island and did nothing but lounge by the pool and on the beach, with the exception of a quick paddleboarding session. It was lazy, totally uncharacteristic for us and just what we were looking for.


DIY and Projects

Bedroom Update

One of my biggest complaints about our current apartment is that I don’t think our bedroom feels grown up. This is partly because we have very little space, our bedroom doubles as an office and our closet isn’t exactly big enough to contain all…

August 11, 2015