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July 2015

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Honeymooners: Paros

July 24, 2015

After Mykonos, we made our way to a lesser known island – Paros – that came highly recommended from a good friend (it also came recommended from this tiny publication you’ve maybe heard of…).

We stayed in our second Airbnb of the trip – a cute little apartment a few blocks from the main square – and spent our first evening eating dinner on the sand, a few feet from the water. It was magical.

On day 1 of Paros-adventuring we rented a scooter and explored the entire island. We stopped and had a glass of rosΓ© on the beach then made our way to the quiet mountain town of Lefkes for some exploring, homemade lemonade and apple pie.

The next day we joined a half day boat cruise that took us around the island and to Antiparos, making a few different stops so we could swim. This was one of my favorite parts of our honeymoon – the waters were a bright turquoise color and the marble ground reflected light so the sea looked like it was glowing. This idyllic day took an unfortunate turn right around the time we befriended two American gals drinking Greek wine.

Now, if you know me at all you know I’m not one to pass up vino (especially with good company), and one glass quickly turned to two, turned to a whole lot more than that. Had I stopped with just wine I might have escaped relatively unharmed. But, because I live life on the edge, I thought 3 shots of ouzo were necessary when our captain brought out celebratory drinks. And since that had clearly been such a great idea, I thought opening a bottle of champagne on the beach with our new friends would be an even better plan.

Needless to say, Adam got more than he bargained for that day (as did the fine people of Paros who had to witness him holding me off the scooter by my backpack when my body had enough). Once he miraculously got me home, and after I cried [a lot] and begged him “please don’t divorce me,” Adam finally got me to bed (his sainthood should be coming through any day now).

Waking up the next day was not fun. We powered through a rough morning with some toast, orange juice and little retail therapy before catching the ferry to our fourth and final destination: Santorini.


Pancake Sundays Travel Wedding

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