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June 2015

#RealTalk Pancake Sundays


June 21, 2015

IMG_2940My dad, in addition to my husband, my dog and my grandpa, is the best guy I know (it’s a happy coincidence we’re also related). Admittedly, we drive one another insane sometimes, but as I have gotten older I have come to realize that’s mostly because there’s a lot of my dad’s best/most frustrating qualities reflected in me. A disagreement can go on for days between us because we’re both [obviously] right. My no bullshit way of dealing with things is a direct reflection of the matter-of-fact subject-line emails I receive from pops on the regular telling me I owe him money, I did my taxes wrong, I need to ___. Strong, resilient and fiercely loyal, my dad has taught me A LOT about life:

  1. First and perhaps most important, life isn’t fair. Find a way to deal with it.
  2. Love and family are life’s greatest gifts. Celebrate both whenever you can.
  3. Don’t expect handouts from anyone. Work Hard. Earn it. Demand it.
  4. Forgiveness sets you free.
  5. Leave your comfort zone. Travel. Explore. Find yourself.
  6. Be kind. Everyone is fighting a silent battle.
  7. Learn what’s important in life and never lose sight of it.
  8. Pray. However you do it, do it often.
  9. So many things in life are much bigger than you. Be humble.
  10. Always eat dessert, have pancakes on Sunday and say yes to ‘just one more’ cocktail (well, maybe I am teaching him that last one…)

Love you, pops, today and every other day of the year. Happy Day.