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Delayed Reaction: Thanksgiving

December 13, 2014

Though I’m a few weeks delayed (per the usual), Thanksgiving 2014 was our first “big holiday” on our own and away from our families. We made a little pact to get out of the city for holidays we aren’t able to head home for (we figured this would make us feel a little less homesick) and snagged a cabin in the Catskills with another couple (Billy and Alex) for our first adventure. If you grew up anywhere that experiences the seasons, you likely understand traveling in the elements requires a bit of extra preparation and care. If, however, you grew up in sunny Southern California where the temperature on Thanksgiving rarely dips below 70, you don’t necessarily consider the whole traveling in the snow bit might be a major problem…

To make a long story short, we got a foot of snow on Wednesday, 11/26. This also happened to be the evening Adam and I were heading out of Manhattan and into the woods. I suggested we up our rental car to an SUV but Adam didn’t think the added investment would be worth it. Now, I’m not one to say I told you so… OH WAIT, I absolutely am, and I absolutely TOLD HIM SO, and boy did he hear about it when we got stuck in the snow and had to have our kind neighbor tow our little compact out. Once we finally made it to the cabin, and once Billy and Alex showed up, it was a pretty epic holiday, filled with falling snow, freezing temperatures, power outages, a home-cooked Thanksgiving meal, phone calls with our families back home, catch phrase, and (of course) a lot of alcohol.

It’s hard to believe 2014 is almost over and that by this time next year we’ll be Mr. & Mrs. (WHAT?!). Now onto my favorite part of the year!

p.s. today marks my 1 year on the East Coast. Happy Anniversary NYC!