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Engagement Pictures – R1

October 14, 2014

Shit’s getting real up in the Zabel-Wirdak household… we’ve finally/sort of/almost gotten our heads around the fact that we’re getting married in 7 months. What?! That means we actually have to start accomplishing things. Like engagement pictures, and save the dates, and the wedding website, and every other thing we’ve put off for the past 14 months.

Since Adam and I couldn’t agree on where to do engagement pictures – he wanted California (SLO) and I wanted New York – we opted to take some on each coast. We had such a glamorous idea of how photogenic we’d be and we quickly figured out just how wrong we are. Luckily, we learned a lot in our first session so we’ve got high hopes for R2, which is this weekend in Central Park. If a few weeks go by and a “R2” post doesn’t go up, safe to say Awkward Family Photos has struck again.





IMG_2307.JPGPhoto credit: Kaitie Brainerd

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Breakneck Ridge

Because Adam and I are, as my mom likes to say, ‘old souls’ we’ve been pretty jazzed about the idea of getting out of the city to see the changing leaves. We talked about it all week and decided we’d make the hour or…

October 13, 2014