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July 2014

DIY and Projects

10 months and counting.

July 20, 2014

Since we’ve been engaged for nearly a full year, and by the time we actually get married it will be a solid 20 months, we’ve had the luxury of taking our time planning the wedding. Some things- like the venue- had to happen before the big move, and other things- like buying my dress- have happened gradually.

Because I’m neurotic, and because I basically plan events for a living, [I think] I’ve done a pretty good job at prioritizing and ticking things off the list. Cake, check; caterer, check; DJ, check; officiant, check; hotel blocks, check. I know, I know… I should say “we” and not “I” but, since I’m not one to bullshit, #realtalk Adam’s strong suite is not organization or ticking things off any type of list (#sorrynotsorry, lover!).

Now we’re on to the more tedious, more fun, much more stressful stuff – like figuring out the best way to do everything that will give our wedding personality. This is absolutely not my strong suite, but lucky for me, it absolutely is Adams (we’ve got a nice yin and yang thing happening here). So we’re pulling together some wedding inspiration, talking about colors and decorations, mapping out save the dates (!), and genuinely cranking on all the things that will make our wedding us.Β Because we’re fancyΒ  Adam’s super creative, we’re organizing everything in a nifty display that looks pretty rad and adds some nice pizazz to the bedroom (all credit for this idea: Adam).

Stay tuned for more wedding updates (/arguments) in the next year. T-minus 10 months is officially on! #zwirdakbash


DIY and Projects Relationship

Bedroom renovations – part 1

We’ve been busy here in our little apartment- trying to finish projects then thinking of new ones before anything is 100% finished. Adam and I view decorating in two very different ways, which makes it nearly impossible to (1) agree on anything, and (2)…

July 7, 2014