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June 2014


Cape Cod-ing

June 20, 2014

Since we’re officially East Coasters now, we do things like weekend in The Cape. We also say things like “The Cape” when referring to Cape Cod, which admittedly does make us sound like douchebags. It’s all part of our new-found East Coast swagger so #sorrynotsorry.

Last week my [almost] mister turned 26 (yeah, yeah I know, we’re babies) and I surprised him with a trip to The Cape. We headed out early on Friday the 13th, stopped along the way for breakfast, then made it to Falmouth, Mass. by 1:30PM, at which time the B&B would not let us check-in early. So, we spent the afternoon exploring nearby Woods Hole, trying to stay dry when the heavens opened up (then calming me down when I got wet because, in case you didn’t know, I hate being wet), and driving along the coastline. We rounded the day out with margaritas, Mexican food, and a food coma.

I had a mini-meltdown Saturday because the weather forecast predicted rain all weekend long (see aforementioned disdain for being wet to fully comprehend the magnitude of this). We decided to head to Martha’s Vineyard anyway and The Big Guy smiled down on us – probably because He knew I would be a terror if the sun didn’t come out – and the weather was perfect. I had a bit of a rocky start with a clothing/bicycle chain debacle, followed by a bug flying into my mouth and biting my tongue (couldn’t make this shiz up), but after an hour detour we were on our way, riding bikes, enjoying lobbbstuh rolls and eating ice cream cones. Once we got back into Woods Hole (where the Ferry to Martha’s Vineyard leaves from) we caught a pretty amazing sunset, and ended the night with a glass of wine and some pasta carbonara. And cookies, of course.

Sunday we woke up and spent the morning at the beach, further reinforcing a reality I’d already come to terms with: this bod is not 2014 beach-ready. In any event, it was real nice to be back by the water, and it turns out East Coast beaches are actually as picturesque as they seem in movies. Then we grabbed a sandwich, sat in traffic on the route home, and ended the weekend with left over pizza and ice cream cake.