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#RealTalk Food and Drink New York Pancake Sundays

Back at it.

March 31, 2014

Turns out, when you’re a self-proclaimed [amateur] foodie and you move to a city with literally thousands of amazing restaurants, you eat out. A lot. More than ever before. And, you also take up “drinks after work,” which inevitably turns into appetizers, dinner, a snack, dessert, coffee…basically, any excuse to consume calories and spend money (both of which I am exceptionally good at). I’m not saying I regret it, the last 3 months have been a smorgasbord of delightful consumption. After all, I am on a mission to find the best eateries in the city so I can share the recos with everyone else, so really my incessant need to eat is for the greater good. You’re welcome.

This New York food crawl has presented me with two major dilemmas in life: 1) Money goes real fast when you’re eating out all.the.time, and 2) thinking about fitting into a wedding dress becomes an exceptionally stressful experience when you’re waistline is growing, not shrinking. Thus, something had to give, and since it’s pretty obvious that wasn’t going to be food, I came up with two solutions. 1. Freakin’ Weight Watchers. Over the years, the Zabel women have single-handedly kept this company in business, and will likely continue to do so because I can no longer lie about my pants fitting tighter. All the walking is not keeping me in check as I had previously hoped. 2. Food crawls must be confined to Saturdays and Sundays, and we’ll get back to cooking our dinners M-F, like the non-New Yorkers we [really] are. Holla at me Skinny Taste.

So today started the new diet plan. We opened with #PancakeSundays, followed up with a burger and fries (can’t you tell we’re watching our weight?!), and because that left me with a whopping 5 points for dinner, I stole this recipe from my gal-pal Gina for dinner at virtually no points. #RealTalk I might have added some pot stickers – a girl’s gotta have some deliciousness, too. Here’s to getting back on track (and hating every minute!).


Miscellaneous New York Pancake Sundays

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