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February 2014

Food and Drink New York

#WhatWeAte – New York City

February 20, 2014

It’s no secret- I like to eat. It’s not a simple matter of a sweet tooth, or really liking savory treats … Adam and I are in to food. Period. Sometimes we use a holiday as an excuse, usually we’re rewarding ourselves over something arbitrary…all times we’re just fatties. Lucky for all future visitors, that means we’re doing all the hard work of figuring out the best jaunts in the City (tough job, but someone has to do it). Since we’ve surpassed the 1 month mark, some of what we’ve sampled…

1. Chocolate Lava Cake Sundae fromΒ Serendipity 3


#RealTalk – this was our third time at Serendipity 3, and it was just as delicious this time as it was the previous two. Somewhat overpriced, always crowded, and for whatever reason, absolutely worth it.

2. Lattes from Perk Kafe


One of my main [eating] goals in New York is to become a regular at a coffee shop, mostly because I grew up on Friends and always thought Central Perk was a rad hangout. Perk Kafe is literally down stairs from our apartment, and seems like it has potential. It’s cute, the hipster baristas are friendly, and they make cool latte-art.

3. Fish Tacos from The Mermaid Inn


I didn’t take the above picture, but I did enjoy the tacos. And, they were absolutely delicious. Best fish tacos I’ve ever had. Ever.

4.Β  Pasta and Foccacia at Rosemary’s


A girlfriend and I met here for dinner and it was delightful. Aside from being completely obsessed with the interior (and the fact that there’s a garden on the roof!), their food was tasty, especially because I am always a sucker for homemade pasta and foccacia. #bodybycarbs (again, not my pic)

DIY and Projects New York

Doin’ Work, Part 2

Aside from being on a budget, Adam and I are also trying to make use of the things we carted 2,700+ miles across the US. Each item we brought has an associated $ amount, and since we’re caught in that weird not-just-out-of-college/not-quite-making-it-big phase, we…

February 9, 2014
DIY and Projects New York

Pancake Sundays Does Work

Generally, Adam and I like to ensure home decorating is as painful as possible. WeΒ  Adam insists on making everything, usually the plan changes halfway through (generally because it’s not working), and it takes forever to finish anything. When we moved to New York…

February 5, 2014