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December 5, 2013

Every time I start a blog I vow to “build a brand,” be consistent, write 3 times a week…EVERY DAY! when I am reaaallllyyy feeling ambitious. In my mind I am going to get my big break- a book deal, a TV show, something of the like – when someone reads my little slice of the worldwide web and realizes I am (obviously) the next big thing. And then I realize in order to get there I have to stay motivated, write when I don’t feel like it, and be creative instead of falling asleep (at 8PM) on the couch binge-watching The Good Wife (priorities, priorities). It’s kind of how I treat working out these days – can’t I just have a bangin’ bod without a daily sweat sesh? Turns out, blogging and working out are the same: no effort, no results. Horseshit, I know.

Anyway, I digress. My big excuse for slacking this time, other than all of the above, is that Adam and I are swapping the sunny Pacific coastline for the snowy winters and killer restaurant scene of NYC. He got a transfer, I got a new job working in food/wine PR (dream come true, I know) and now we are uprooting our lives and heading east. Once the excitement, turned fear, turned stress subsided, we realized cross-country moving blows. Here’s why:

  1. We need to get out of our current lease by convincing someone else they want to rent our house. Turns out, landlords want their $ through the end of your signed agreement.
  2. Adam’s idea of “purging” and getting rid of unnecessary crap, is condensing said crap into fewer boxes. True life: hoarders, buried alive. (Update: Communication Arts have, at long last, been eradicated.)
  3. Moving services are expensive. And, price shopping means your phone will literally ring non-stop And, ironically, no one that’s calling you actually wants to give you a good deal and they won’t out-bid their competitor for your business.
  4. In NYC you also have to pay your moving service to “shuttle” your shit from the semi into the city. Apparently, New York streets can’t handle all the excitement of a big truck.
  5. Consensus seems to be you need a broker to find a good deal on an apartment. Fun fact: broker’s charge 15% of your total annual rent. Cool, I’m made of $$.

Say it with me: when this is all over, it’s going to be worth it.