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Pancake Sundays: Wedding Diet

November 4, 2013

I read somewhere that if you’re starting a diet you are something like 12% more likely to lose weight if you post about it on your social media channels (I might have made that percentage up). I will tread cautiously hereΒ  (it would be suuuupppeerrr awkward if I posted about it and we just got fatter instead) but am hoping a little blog lovin’ will make us commit to our wedding diet with a little more honesty. We’re giving ourselves about 2 years to kick our plan into gear, so the hope is somewhere along the way we’ll get our shit together…

And, what better way to welcomeΒ  the “Zabel-Wirdak Wedding Diet 2015” into our lives than with Pancake Sundays? Since we are clearly 100% committed to this new-found “healthy” lifestyle, we jazzed our pancakes up with a lil somethin’ special this morning. Adam, who is obviously the motivator in the group, chopped Reese’s bits up and mixed them into the pancake batter/melted them on top (Halloween has to be good for something, right?). I added oats, cinnamon, vanilla, and slivered honey roasted almonds. Fancy and nutritious this Pancake Sunday… (p.s. diets suck, #oinkoink)