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Grown Up #RealTalk

September 11, 2013

Even before getting engaged, Adam and I had been talking about how you know you’re a grown up (in my case, getting there). The evolution is so gradual you barely know it’s happening, but…

1- You notice differences in toilet paper. And you appreciate going home even more because Mom and Dad always have the good stuff.

2- Your parents tell you “Welcome to adulthood” when taxes, a major medical bill, your car insurance, and cell phone bill are all due in the same month and you’re having a panic attack.

3- You have to call your own insurance provider to handle claims. I open each of these conversations with, “So I am still new to this insurance thing…”

4- You’re too tired to drink on a work night.

5- You have real arguments with your fiancΓ© about changing not changing your last name.

6- You have to make decisions about joint accounts, stocks and investments…and actually understand what’s happening…because it’s your money.

7- You appreciate Costco and enjoy going there. And it’s not just for the free samples.

8- You stop taking every hand-me-down kitchen utensil, appliance and piece of furniture.

9- You actually care what happens to your stuff, and you go out of your way to protect your couch, for example, from red wine spills at parties.

10- You realize why your parents always hated mail. Mail = bills.

xx, Victoria



You know those people that talk about their job, weight loss, exercise, their upcoming wedding and/or engagement so much you unsubscribe from their social media feeds? I am about to become that friend…and I am not even a little bit sorry about it. Hi-…

September 4, 2013