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The Time We Finished Everything

May 30, 2013

Not going to lie- this past weekend the productivity in the Zabel-Wirdak household was at an all time high. Usually we are really good at starting projects, and super shitty at finishing them. Must have been something in the air for Memorial Day 2013 because in addition to yard work, we completed three longstanding projects. Yep, we blew up your Instagram feed all weekend long and I’m not even a little bit sorry about it.

A few lessons I re-learn every time we try to accomplish something: nothing ever goes as easy as planned, things always take longer than expected, and you will absolutely go to Home Depot way too many times. For instance, we started turning one of these into a hamper/shoe rack in February. Three months, a design disagreement, a few major arguments, and a paint job later we have a perfectly functional piece of furniture and, more importantly, I have more closet space.


Most people think we are do-it-yourself people by nature. False. Adam is a do-it-yourself-er and I am a project manager. What we do have in common is that we both want everything fo’ free. Being that no one seems interested in gifting us, well…anything, we try to recreate what we like on the cheap (in this case Pinterest is both a blessing and a curse). So, when we found this we used ish we already had laying around to make our own, genuine California bedroom art (read: we spent $0- except for when Adam HAD to go to Home Depot).


I am kind of obsessed with Scrabble. Unfortunately, I’m no good at the game- I refuse to learn the real rules and my vocabulary is apparently crap because I can never think of words longer than three letters. In any case, I still like to pretend I’m a champion, so when I Pinterested some Scrabble coasters a few months ago I thought we needed them. So I bought the game pieces…then they sat in a box until Monday.


Well, we basically used up all our home renovation and DIY content for the foreseeable future…hope you enjoyed : ).

xx, Victoria


Pancake Sunday – 5.26.13

You guessed it- we have pancakes [nearly] every Sunday. I’m not entirely sure how it started, especially because pancakes are definitely not my favorite breakfast food, but somewhere in time about 1.5 years ago we started having them weekly and now it’s our weekend…

May 28, 2013
DIY and Projects Miscellaneous

When You’re an Adult…

You do yard work on holiday weekends. It’s a commonly known fact, and yesterday Adam and I proved just how grown up we are by spending 6 glorious awful hours doin’ work. When I was a kid my parents made us help in the…

May 26, 2013
#RealTalk Miscellaneous


I wish I could tell you I am a look-on-the-bright-side, the-glass-is-half-full kind of girl. I’m not. I’m working on it (at least that’s what I tell myself and my parents). I can #realtalk like a boss, though. Some people have “ah ha” moments; I…

May 22, 2013
Food and Drink Miscellaneous Uncategorized


I had to get my wisdom teeth removed. This was unfortunate for two main reasons: 1- I am now a “grown up” and have to pay for this ish on my own (fact: growing up not as fun as I had hoped), 2- I…

May 17, 2013