Pancake Sundays Relationship Wedding

1 Year.

May 16, 2016

And just like that, one year passed.

Adam, being married to you is nothing short of brilliant, frustrating, crazy and magical, all at the same time. I love you completely; you’re the best decision I ever made. I can’t wait to grow old, fat and happy with you.

If you were the future and I was the past,
If I was too slow and you were too fast,
If you were a cloud and I was a ghost,
If you were long distance and I was up close,
I’d still love you, no matter what sense it would make.
I’d love you whenever, whatever it takes.
I’d love you no matter, ’cause you’re you and I’m me,
Together, forever, in love as can be.

(“An Awesome Book of Love” by Dallas Clayton)

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